Pot Farm Patrol

This is one of those redheaded stepchild Patrols, also known as a '68-titled-as-a-'69. It was picked up in Nevada City, CA on a piece of property nestled in the mountains. The long dirt driveway wound through some very lush greenery, hence the name Pot Farm Patrol. This is an original CA vehicle, with records placing it in Grass Valley. Some PO had A/C installed, which is why the grill is messed up; they cut the grill out to mount the condenser in front of the radiator. I removed all of the A/C components except for the compressor, hoping to convert it to on-board-air one day for airing up tires and such.
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    Photo shoot that used Pot Farm as set dressing. Located on the coast of California just south of Point Concepcion, on Cojo Jamala Ranch, a 24,000 acre ranch on the coast. The shoot was for a magazine, details to be revealed later.
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  • Pot Farm Patrol

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