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Mixed Bag Of G60s

PostPosted: Mon Jan 06, 2020 7:13 am
by G60michael
Evening all, What do you do when you hear from a Bloke Looking to Move on Several old G60's ? Simple you find out what he has, ask the right questions and then Begin to talk a Price.

A Few Months back late one afternoon a message came through my Facebook G60 Page from a Bloke from down in the Gippsland Area of Victoria, Australia. He was Looking to Move on 5 old G60s that his dad had collected over many years, However unfortunately his father had recently passed and it was time to move the old g60's on during an estate clean up.

He was a Genuine Bloke and a straight shooter, He wasn't prepared to move them on into the hands of just any Tom, Dick or Harry, he was aware of the Social media Louts, and was the reason he had contacted my G60 Page in the hope's I could help him find a home for them, or at least Point him in the right direction for selling them without the timewasters or tyrekickers.

He really wanted them to go to Someone who could use them for spares to keep either a registered G60 Going, or use them accordingly , Selling them to a Scrapper or a Dreamer wasn't an option.

He Is an old school type of bloke, one that's Driven by Integrity, rather then the Majority who are Driven By Greed. He Sent Pics and I Gave him my honest thoughts of to there Value, we then sealed the Deal.

My mate Dave who actually lives not to far from these 5 g60s in the Gippsland Victoria, who Owned the Dark Green G60 Ute that most would of seen in the photos on the recent post I put up on here from the 2018 Victorian High Country G60 Trip.

Having since built a real love for the old g60s He has been in the market for Ideally a SWB G60 to do up to take his Wife and Kids out in as the Ute is a Bit Squishy for a Family of 4 :lol: I asked him about his possible interest in a 1978 MWB G60 which was one of the G60's in amongst this Job Lot, he was Pretty Keen and Soon had him on Board and in the Deal

I then hit up Another mate Clayton, Who was also from last Victoria High Country g60 trip who brought along his 1975 MWB, and Iroinically also a Gippsland Local, we knew he has planned to rope together a few bits such as a Set of 5 Original Split Rims for a 1977 Wagon he is plans to do a resto on when time permits, so safe to say we Soon had him onboard, and the 3 of us threw our pennies all together.

For Me Living some odd 1400kms away as the crow fly's, I Wasn't going down to pick them up, so Both Clay and Dave Did all the hard work :lol: and over the next couple of weeks the Guys had Dragged 4 of the 5 back to there Farms.

The 5th one is apparently the worst of the lot, we are yet to even see a photo of that one, its on there other property, he has just had to wait to get time to dig it out of the ground with the tractor and put the wheels on it :lol: sounds like a Ripper :lol: :lol:

Here they are, Best one First, Dave Gets to call this 1978 Middy His, It will clean up alright and one day be a great Family bus, wouldn't of found a better starter base for this price either. Its been in a shed since the rego expired in the 1990's, he is yet to get her running.


Righto, now for you folk's with your Tetanus Shots not up to date, I suggest reading and looking on at your own risk, as this is yeah where things start to get nasty, though in saying that, yes rust wise there absolutely stuffed, but also in saying that as well ,there still better then what some people take on as a resto project, those ones are usually soon aborted :lol:

Here's a G60 we don't see pop up here often in Aus, actually somewhat rare, a Factory Hardtop, the compliance plate is stamped 12/77 KG60-65381
Its had a Few Rust Repairs done many years ago, and the Windscreen is one fitted from a pre 76 SWB soft-top, note the rope runner and 2 Wipers, 76 on had 3 wipers here in Aus.

Being a Factory hardtop it doesn't have the Folding Windscreen Hinges, note the Bottom Series of mounting bolts are different to the top Series of bolts, the bottoms are the Original Hardware, another tell tale of a swapped windscreen as some stage.

and also note the lack of Canvas Press studs along the top edge of the rear body, a true trait of a Factory hardtop.



We don't think this Old G60 had seen much use really before it was left to be over grown with black berries, the original seats are still there and the upholstery is in Great shape, hardly look to have been sat it, and the the numbers on the Gearstick are a tell tale its done minimal work.

Still has the Original Spark Plug Leads!

The rear floor Great Paint for the age of it, Also found a NOS Genuine Belt, and the Bullbar is a Genuine Aussie made ARB Bullbar for the G60, these bull bars are sought after and bloody hard to find!

Next Up, the orange 1/1979 ute could nearly say its complete minus a pass seat and the Windscreen :lol: but some great parts 2 be had, apart from the 2 Crappy Landcruiser Split Rims on the Front, the Spare and the 2 Rears are Original. Complete original Engine.


The last one so far the 4/5, a Early black 77 Ute just before the dash change over, it Not a factory ute, someone's took a Grinder to a MWB wagon sometime over the last 40 years, not a fan of the workmanship, but a previous owner may of liked the look. Certified for LPG once upon a time, she's had a new head put on as well, dare say one suited to Run LPG likely hardened valve seats ect, some other good bits like a solid driver seat frame with crap as upholstery, some good Extractors as well as other odd's and end.


Yes there rough Call them a Bomb, but they were a great price, far better then what some people ask for them these day.

I Will post pics of Number 5 when its picked up.

As for Wrecking them, at this current time we don't wish to Part any of them out, we brought them With the Vision that if us 3 ever needed parts, we will have the spares there.

Cheers all

Re: Mixed Bag Of G60s

PostPosted: Mon Jan 06, 2020 11:12 am
by RiverPatrol
Certainly a nice lot of Patrols to happen across. Lots of work but worth the effort, some good bits there and one Patrol that will be making a family happy soon. Thanks for sharing! :D

Re: Mixed Bag Of G60s

PostPosted: Mon Jan 06, 2020 4:14 pm
by Esteban
Excellent recount Michael! You are a Patrol whispererer

Very nice of you to have helped the previous owner son to part his Patrols. You have given us full details of the condition of each one, and the pictures on top complement your descriptions. :clap: :clap: :clap:

Re: Mixed Bag Of G60s

PostPosted: Thu Feb 13, 2020 6:48 am
by G60michael
Hi all, thankyou for the good word's. Well as of yesterday afternoon all 5 G60's from this Job Lot are Now Accounted for :D My mate Dave Went to collect the final, 5th G60 in this Job Lot, None of us had even seen this "5th" G60 to see what we were in for :lol: as it was at there other property about 10 Minuets up the road from the other farm where Dave and GNU had collected the other 4 G60's From.

All we did know was that apparently this "5th" G60 is the worst of the lot and old mate needed to get time to go over there with tractor and lift it out of the ground to put the wheels back onto it :lol:

Turn's out this is the Second RARE Factory Hardtop In this Job Lot!! This time a 1979 Deluxe Hardtop, Very Rust and rough but the mechanicals shall be great.

Pre Collection Photos



Arrived at Dave's Farm Looking even more outta shape then when it went onto the trailer :lol:

One tell Tale Sign of a factory Hardtop other then the Lack of Press Studs and no Rope Runner above windscreen is the Non Folding Windscreen brackets

Now the Interesting thing to this old g60 being a 1979 model, Last Registration expired in 1989, it was only 10 years old when it was pulled off the road, the Gear knobs show almost Zero Wear, Seats are in awesome condition, original tail lights in mint condition, a set of original split rims, mint condition seatbelts, Perfect condition vinyl Dash Pad, Original Radio and Glove Box Light Still has the rare as Hand throttle instructions Stringed underneath the dash, the car has literally rusted away around it :lol: The Mileage could very well be genuine Km's, if not would be no more then 140,000km's, just don't think the seats and hand throttle instructions would last that many KM's without visible wear, even gear knob is hardly even worn.


How Bloody Awesome are the Original Decals, would of been a Shit Hot Looking old G60 in its Prime

The engine is Missing Water pump and Radiator

Dave removed the front original seats and put them into the shed for safe keeping, lifting the seat he found these gem's, Genuine Jack and Original Tool Roll for late 70's G60s, Straight to the shed as well. 6906689468976895

Also onto good news aswell the faded Blue/now chalky looking other factory hardtop in this Job lot with the Roof cage and ARB 1970s Bullbar is a runner, bit of fuel down carby and a good battery and Clay got her running and drove it into his shed, shes a start in gear job :lol: (Clutch Hydralics Stuffed) to remove the bulbar and the roof cage, reckons it ran well and blue no smoke, noisy water pump it sounds like its got, after decades rotting away under the black berries, takes a lot more to stop a G60 from wanting to go :lol: 6908

Cheers G60mike

Re: Mixed Bag Of G60s

PostPosted: Thu Feb 13, 2020 11:06 am
by RiverPatrol
Another nice find, some great parts there. A real shame it was left to rot.