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Postby mad4hws » Tue Jan 08, 2019 3:59 pm

Hi everyone,

thought I would give this a quick thread of its own instead of the length Minion Missile thread. Today I called up Ross to place a second order for Patrol parts since my first order wasn't quite sufficient. He had almost everything I needed. I did want some fender seals though and he was out of stock. He did say that he has received 5 orders for Patrol parts in the last week, so he is really happy, but that his stock on certain items is running low. He is going to reach out to the supplier for several of these parts in the next several days/weeks, so if there is something you need it might make sense to reach out to him now before he places that order. I am not affiliated with Ross in anyway. I have spoken to him a few times and have received one order - from my few dealings, he's a good guy, despite being Canadaina. ehh? sorry, didn't mean to offend anyone with that last bit. He also said that this month he is running a special on rear window rubber (my patrol doesn't have those, but I know most on the forum do.)

Hopefully this helps someone one there. Here's a link to his webpage and contact info
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You know you own a Patrol when…
You know you own a Patrol when…
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