P40 engine parts that work and those that don't

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Postby rdarnell » Fri Jan 31, 2020 1:49 pm

Dealing with LiftParts Warehouse did not go so good. Long story short, I cancelled most of the order after a few wrong parts. I wound up reordering with Tiffin Parts, much better people to work with. The people at LiftParts do not really know much about engines, just order takers, easy enough to work with but not knowledgeable on the different parts.
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You know you own a Patrol when…
You know you own a Patrol when…
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Postby Fezz21 » Fri Jun 12, 2020 10:56 pm

Hi Guys, Sorry but i'm new to posting! I am completing restoring a 77 G60 SWB patrol and are up to the engine re-build! I have been asked by my engine re-builder if i can get my hands on a new set of main bearings (.25mm) and a new set of lifters?, any info on some current parts suppliers for this type of engine would be greatly appreciated. I have looked at the lift parts warehouse and are not completely sure that the bearings on there will fit my P4 engine (NI12209-58010), any info or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Nick.
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