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Postby G60michael » Sat Nov 30, 2019 10:17 pm

G'day all, Got a Couple of Gearbox Overhauls going on at the moment, but finding it Difficult to Determine exactly what front Layshaft/ Counter Shaft Bearings I Need.

Both are from 1970's Patrols, One has the Early Style Lay/Counter shaft With the Replaceable inner Ring that presses onto the shaft for the bearing to Run on, Far more Superior Design then the Later 70's one's which I'm also doing up that has no Inner Ring where the bearing runs Directly on the shaft.

Been To A couple of local Bearing Suppliers, and got a Rebuild Kit to suit the later Box (Which I planned to Do and had apart before This one with the Earlier Layshaft, but LONG Story Short Been Slogging it out getting a G60 Ready to Register and have it ready to take away on a trip Next Year, This is the Car With the Early shaft In it, and I need to get it back together as I have a Deadline to meet, the Red Tub Ute with the later Shaft doesn't need to meet a deadline for Rego, so its now next in line.

I will be using all the Brand New bearings I Ordered for the First Gearbox I planned to do up, I just need to work out what is the right Bearing for the front Layshaft for the earlier Style.

They have Books and a Database on the Computer for complete bearing Kits depends on year model, the only change in bearings is this Front Layshaft One.

There Listing are Up to 4/1972 a NU205BW
From 5/1972 a RUS205BW

Now Both types of old Bearings in these 2 Box's only have 205B On them, Not much Help :roll:

Both Shops That I have Tried Locally, have the same Bearing Numbers Listed as per the change over dates, Done heaps of Googling and Cannot Seem to Find Brand New NU205BW, or RUS205BW bearings. The Kit I Originally Purchased for the First Gearbox I attempeted, the New Bearing has Both the NU205Bw aswell as RUS205BW stamped on the label as you can see below , It doesn't have an inner race in the packet, and I haven't tried this against a later shaft shaft, or a shaft with an inner ring on it, just odd it is stamped with both Numbers :think:


I was Rummaging yesterday through a heap of NOS Stuff that came with my Red Tub ute 12/1974 (later Shaft, First Box I stripped for rebuild) The Packet It come in is Old and the plastic is perished, but there is no Surface rust on the bearing but I would rather use a new one from a new sealed box, It Has NU205b On it and has the replaceable inner sleeve, I wouldn't think the original owner would of brought this part if it did not suit the car :think: in saying that there is a lot of old Nissan receipts , Maybe he accumulated all the NOS Bits from the dealer when they cleared them out :think: NOS Bearing Below

I Recall Reading somewhere that the Same Bearing from Earlier one can be used for the later style, a mate of mine in Sydney Rebuilt a Box in his 1979 G60 With the correct Later Shaft, He Used a NU205 Bearing and didn't Realise at the time it was not a proper Fit for the shaft and was popping out of gear when taking it on a test drive, he since removed it and tried it on another shaft where it was also a loose fit, he Since Fitted a Good 2nd Hand Bearing back in and hasn't had an issue since and was tight on the shaft.

The NU205 He Used (came with an inner ring) Note it Doesn't have a "B" Prefix next to the 205, Both Old Bearings of each style had a "B" next to the number so it was "205B" ? :think:

Below is the Bearing Suppliers listings for the bearings

Im just trying to work out this issue, I cannot find new bearing as per the exact numbers form the bearing shops listings, I need to know what types I need so I can make sure ill have the right bearings for both these Box's.

Would be very much appreciated if anyone else has faced this issue! Look forward to hearing any thoughts, cheers G60 Michael
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I love driving my Patrol!
I love driving my Patrol!
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Postby Esteban » Mon Dec 02, 2019 10:06 am


You've done a fantastic research on this specific bearing, and I don't think anything else can be added.

Having had the two versions of the transmission at some point, my 65 and a 74 that I totaled, I concur with you that the older design for the counter shaft with the replaceable inner race is a much better and long lasting design. From what I can recall from years ago, Nissan will have just one part that covered both designs, and depending of the year you'll be using the inner race or not.

A member here used a regular bearing, 6205J for the older design (before 1972). However somebody pointed out that it will difficult the assembly. Measurements match.
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Postby faux40 » Tue Dec 31, 2019 2:35 pm

Found them! Kinda hard to find... but a buddy who has access to stuff that I wish I had access to was able to order them for me! They arrived from half way around the world (left-to-right) and will be on the way half way around the world again (top-to-bottom) to you shortly! (Michael -- see my PM)

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